Cleaning & Meshing Panels

Cleaner panels means efficient clean energy

We recommend all our customers have their panels cleaned at least once a year, some even more. Did you know that if your panels are dirty that it can affect your energy harvest? Not a lot of people know this so it is a good idea to keep an eye on them prevent this happening. A common problem is algae and bird mess this has been known to effect up to 70% in some cases.

We also apply meshing to set ups as well, this all depends on roof type how many panels and such, also if you are a customer already, we will customer discount when needed. In most cases we almost always recommend meshing as it will not only protect the outer panels but most importantly the inner wiring, we see it as more of a prevention rather than a solution.

What they say

“The representative was very clear in his explanations and answered questions readily with full details. The installation team where really good workers, they worked fast and cleaned up when they finished, leaving nothing behind. They where very polite & friendly and explained what they where doing. Thank you Greenstars”

L. Fuller

“After receiving a phone call about my solar system I mentioned that I had a pigeon problem, the representative was round to me on time and gave me quote for the meshing & cleaning. I had it done and not a sign of any pigeons very happy customer”

R. Barton

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